How to Wash Pillows Without Ruining Them

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Did you sacrifice another pillow to the washing machine?

As a belly sleeper, you know how important it is to have a clean pillow. A proper washing rids your pillow of dirt, oil, bacteria, and even fungus! You don't want any of that stuff near your face.

So, why is it so hard to wash a pillow without ruining it? It's because you're not washing your pillow the right way.

Learn how to wash pillows correctly in this complete guide for belly sleepers.

More Reasons You Should Wash Your Pillows

Your pillowcase isn't just a magnet for oil, bacteria, fungus, and grime. Even dust mites can live on your pillow! Dust mites can exacerbate allergies, which makes it hard to breathe at night while sleeping on your stomach.

Those morning springtime allergies may be dust mites that are living on your pillow! Dust mite reactions are more frequent in the morning. Consider getting tested for dust-mite allergies if your typical springtime allergies don't clear up.

How Often Should You Wash Your Pillows?

Your pillow should be washed separately from your pillowcase. Many belly sleepers make the mistake of only washing their pillowcase on occasion. The pillow itself should be cleaned at least every three months.

Pillowcases, on the other hand, need proper washing every three weeks. For extra cleanliness, throw your pillowcase into the dryer once a week on a low setting. This trick will eliminate excess dirt and debris in-between laundry days.

Replacing your pillows and pillowcases is just as important as washing them. Always keep a fresh stack of pillowcases on-hand. Change out your pillowcases every two weeks, or every week, to stay extra clean.

You should replace your pillows every six months to a year. If you keep your pillows for long, be extra diligent in keeping your pillow clean. Keep a few brand new pillows on-hand in your linen closet.

Can You Clean Pillows and Pillowcases in the Washing Machine?

Most pillowcases don't require special washing instructions, so you can throw them into your regular laundry. Your belly sleep zippable pillowcase is also machine washable, as well as odor-resistant. You should also wash your pillows separately from the rest of your clothes (and pillowcases.)

Most synthetic fiber-fill pillows can go in the washing machine. However, always read the cleaning instructions on the back of the label beforehand. Your pillow may have a special material that requires dry cleaning or hand-washing.

If you don't have a label, you can find washing instructions on the pillow manufacturer's website.

For best results, wash at least two pillows together. This trick balances out the washing machine to provide a more thorough cleaning. You don't need a special washing machine to clean regular fiber-fill pillows.

How to Clean Memory Foam Pillows

Your Belly Sleeper pillow is made from 2.5-inch memory foam for optimal head, neck, and spinal support. The memory foam is also infused with an innovative cooling gel to prevent overheating at night.

Fortunately, dust mites don't bury into memory foam pillows like traditional pillows. The Belly Sleeper pillow comes with a machine washable bamboo pillowcase that you can throw into the washing machine at a moment's notice.

To maintain optimal health and cleanliness, keep a few extra Belly Sleeper pillowcases handy in your linen closet. You can also clean memory foam pillows yourself but read the cleaning instruction carefully.

In between cleanings, you may want to vacuum your memory foam pillow periodically. A small handheld vacuum will do just fine. Vacuum your pillow at least once a week to get rid of surface dirt, grime, and mites.

Remember to never put your Belly Sleeper pillow (or any memory foam pillow) in your washer and dryer. However, you can spot clean your memory foam pillows, but don't scrub too harshly. When spot cleaning, use extra gentle cleaning detergents and blow-dry the area afterward.

You can also purchase multiple Belly Sleep machine-washable pillowcases for extra convenience.

How to Clean Feather Down Pillows

Like fiber-fill pillows, you can also wash feather down pillows in the washing machine. However, there are a few differences.

For starters, make sure to wash your feather down pillows on the gentlest washing cycle. Avoid using regular laundry detergent too. If you do use detergent, make sure to use a small amount of gentle soap.

Feather pillows don't need detergent like regular fiber-fill pillows. This is due to the naturally-occurring oils in the feathers themselves. Detergent strips away these natural oils, which make your feathers dry and brittle.

Drying your feather pillows correctly is essential; otherwise, your pillow will start to mold! You may need to run your pillow through the dryer a couple of times (or even more) to dry it out completely.

Learn How to Wash Pillows the Right Way

A clean pillow is a happy pillow! Remember to keep dirt, grime, bacteria, fungus, and dust mites away for optimal health and cleanliness.

Follow this guide on how to wash pillows to clean your favorite pillows without ruining them. Check out the blog for even more sleeping hacks or shop for your Belly Sleeper pillow today!

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