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Features of the Belly Sleeper Pillow

Memory foam is one of the most popular materials for bedroom products and it’s easy to see why. The slim, 2.5 inch thick memory foam pillow from Belly Sleep offers excellent, even support for your head and neck, contouring to your unique shape while helping to reduce snoring. Memory foam also boasts natural hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities.

Due to the dense nature of many standard memory foam bedroom accessories, they have a tendency to trap heat, leading to increased sweating during sleep. Here at Belly Sleep, we set out to change that. Our polyurethane foam belly sleeping pillow is infused with temperature regulating cooling gel particles that prevent overheating.

Properly supporting your spine while sleeping is extremely important, because it helps you to wake up feeling more refreshed with less aches and pains. The Belly Sleep pillow evenly and effectively supports your spine, allowing for uniform pressure on all areas of the head, neck and spine, which reduces pressure points.

Sleeping on a clean pillow is extremely important for your health. That’s why Belly Sleep created our pillow with a removable and washable cover made of bamboo and polyester. This material also naturally wicks away moisture from your skin, and is extremely odor resistant.

Benefits of the Belly Sleeper Pillow

Silk leaves your natural oils where they belong.

Reducing wrinkles and acne.

Premium materials mean the best beauty experience.

Friction-free sleeping means your hair will look and feel great.

Reducing bed-dread. Love your bed time again.

We could charge premium prices, but we don't.

What is The Belly Sleeper Pillow?

Have you ever noticed how stomach sleepers get ignored in the market? We understand, it's not the most popular sleeping position. But, that doesn't mean we still don't want to catch some good ZZZ's and wake up feeling refreshed!

Enter Belly Sleep - the first company to focus solely on stomach sleepers...and The Belly Sleeper Pillow is where it all starts!

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30 Night Guarantee. Risk-Free Trial.

Take 30-nights to try The Belly Sleeper Pillow or return it for a refund.
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Not worth 50


The Belly Sleeper Pillow

Do not purchase

Read the critical reviews before purchase. It would not be a problem if they’d provide you with a copy of your order so that you can return it. They do not so that later they can deny you your refund. I am not the only one this has happened to. Dispute it with your bank if possible. The pillow feels like there is no pillow and you are laying on your Mattress. This is not worth 49.99 this is a shady company.

Hi Liz, this is Tyler, the CEO of Belly Sleep. I’m sorry that you’re having trouble, and I’m happy to work with you to resolve tour issue. I can assure you that we our system automatically sends order confirmations, receipts, and tracking information.

I noticed that you’ve now left two reviews from two different emails, neither of which was used to purchase directly from Belly Sleep. I suspect that is part of the issue. Can you share which email your used to purchase?

Please reach out to me directly ( and I’ll be happy to help.


I bought this pillow on April’s frosts received it right away. With no email confirmation no receipt. Now that I like to return it,(because it feels like a piece of clothes not a pillow, and definitely not worth 50) the merchants magically cannot find any information on the item I purchased. There are better one on Amazon for cheaper.

On a Quest No More!

My previous pillow history: I have trouble sleeping due to migraines as well as constant neck & back pain. I am also a stomach sleeper & need to sleep with one flat pillow. For years I have searched for a pillow that would allow me to sleep through the night & wake up without feeling pain. I have spent as little as $20 to over $200 for flat pancake pillows. They’ve never worked & I’ve just gained a collection of pillows that’s grown taller & taller (think princess & the pea but pillows instead of mattresses:-)
*I capitalized key words in my Belly pillow review below just in case someone is looking for something specific they don’t have to read my long story of a review!
THIS PILLOW: I don’t know what made me try this pillow since I nearly gave up after my last pillow purchase contraption but I am so glad I did. Although it is just the perfect amount of flatness & it is capable of supporting your neck it is not too firm. I prefer down alternative pillows, so I was really worried about the COMFORT however, it is incredibly soft & moldable. It certainly provides more NECK SUPPORT than the down alternative pillows I’ve had. If you want to lay on your back & read for a little bit, you can roll it slightly under your neck for increased SUPPORT & it feels so good. It does not get hot at night, in fact I think it keeps COOL without the need to flip it over throughout the night. Although, I do have a bamboo pillow cover on it at the moment so I’m not sure if that is a factor. (Im also big on the right linens in order to get good sleep-bamboo, washed linen, liquid cotton, so I’ve only used these fabrics on this pillow & it’s not gotten hot).
I have zero cons for this but there are some QUIRKS:
The pillow is very large. I sometimes fear knocking into items on my nightstand if I move the pillow at night while sleeping.
If you are a petite person (I’m 5’2) it’s a lot of pillow! However, it’s don’t let it deter you, it’s still worth it :-)
Because of its largeness & ‘rectangularness’, pillowcases fit the pillow kind of awkwardly.
Due to its shape it’s not the type of pillow you would keep on your bed once your bed is made, unless it’s in the back of all your pillows :-)

Please, if you’re a stomach sleeper or suffer with severe neck pain, back pain or headaches, PLEASE give this pillow a try. It SO worth the price & even if it does not eliminate your pain it may make it manageable.

I forgot to mention shipping/delivery. I was anxiously awaiting the pillow and I received it within two days & it was nicely packaged. Very happy about that too!

I give thanks to the designers, creators, marketers & manufacturers of this pillow - thank you!

(Thanks for reading this long drawn out review!)