A Stomach Sleeper's Dream

The Original Belly Sleeper Pillow


Hands down, best pillow I've ever owned. 

- Kelly, Mission Hills, CA

The Belly Sleeper Pillow has literally transformed the way I sleep a night. Five Stars. Thank You!

- Adam, Boulder, CO

Finally, a pillow that is actually comfortable while I'm on my stomach

- Alicia, Fort Wayne, IN

Really loving my new pillow. Top notch quality and immediately made an impact on my back pain.

- Steve, Los Angeles, CA
Reduce Back/Neck Strain and IMprove Spine Alignment with the belly sleeper Pillow

"Many of my clients complaint about discomfort from sleeping on their stomach. More times than not, they're using a pillow that puts their neck and back in an undesirable position.

By using a thin pillow like The Belly Sleeper, you can alleviate the pressure points in the spine hat can lead to short term soreness and long term chronic issues."

Who Are We?

We are Belly Sleepers who were tired of the lack of product options for those of us that are most comfortable sleeping on our stomachs.  Our mission is to help make stomach sleeping pain-free and comfortable as possible. 

The Belly Sleeper Pillow is our current flagship product, but that is just the tip of the iceberg!  Please follow us as we "Make The Bed A Better Place"

Good Night, 

The Belly Sleep Team