• belly sleep pillow cover
  • machine washable
  • bear print bamboo material

Belly Sleeper Cover

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If you're a Belly Sleeper, then you know the importance of a comfortable pillow surface.  The Belly Sleeper Cover is a Bamboo blend to provide a cloud-like softness so you can whisk yourself away to your dreams.  

Removable and machine washable

40% Bamboo/60% Polyester

What is The Belly Sleeper Pillow?

Have you ever noticed how stomach sleepers get ignored in the market?  We get it, it's not the most popular sleeping position.  But that doesn't mean we still don't want to catch some good ZZZ's and wake up feeling refreshed!

Enter Belly Sleep - the first company to focus solely on stomach sleepers...And The Belly Sleeper Pillow is where it all starts!

Why It's Jenna's Favorite Pillow

We've sold thousands of pillows and the fans have spoken.  It can be downright life changing.  Imagine a morning where you wake up without stiffness in your neck or back.  Take back your nights. 

Find out what makes The Belly Sleeper the #1 pillow for stomach sleepers.

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