What Sleeping on Your Stomach Reveals About Your Personality

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It's said that we sleep for an average of one-third of our lives. Although you already know about the many benefits of sleep, did you know that sleep position might say a lot about you are?

Although sleeping on your stomach might be an uncommon choice, it actually has a ton of meaning behind it regarding your personality. Read on to learn what sleeping on your stomach says about you.

How is Sleep Posture Related to Personality?

If you think about, our personality is defined by a variety of things that we do: our mannerisms, our sense of humor, how we put on our shoes, how we cook, and so much more.

Although we may not consciously realize it, many of our daily activities bear a reflection of who we are. The list goes on to some you've probably never heard of, including your specific sleep position.

Just as many of the things we do define our personalities, sleep positions might say a lot about who we are during our waking lives. Every person is different, but there are a few commonalities that are worth discussing.

What Sleeping on Your Stomach Says About You

When comes to sleep positions, sleeping on your stomach is probably the least common one. See it this way: you're unique. Depending on how your sleep on your stomach, there are a couple of different meanings behind it.

The "Free Fall" Stomach Sleeper

If you keep your head to the side while sleeping on your stomach and hugging your pillow, this is referred to as the "freefall position."  Much like its name suggests, people who sleep on their stomach like this often approach life in freefall, taking risks and going the scenic route when they can.

The freefall stomach sleeper has a couple of key traits that play into their overall personality. These come from the two main components of this position: the pillow hugging and the sleeping on the stomach.

Those who hug their pillow while they sleep are said to be very affectionate in their waking life. They enjoy being extra cuddly and comfortable, often liking to sleep in a bit later in the mornings.

Aside from what the pillow hugging points to, sleeping on your stomach represents a few other personality traits. You might have all or some of these traits if freefall is your preferred sleeping position, but there are a few common ones that apply more often than you'd think. 

Here are a few of the top personality traits that are associated with sleeping on your stomach in the freefall position:

  1. - You're motivated: You know what you want and you're not afraid to go after it. However, you should take care and be graceful about it; nobody likes a person who is overly self-assertive.
  2. - You're a thrillseeker: You're always looking for the next experience without thinking too far ahead. Just remember to stay humble and limit the recklessness.
  3. - You're confident: Freefall sleepers often have little to no qualms about who they are. Use this to your advantage and don't forget to stay humble.
  4. - You're feeling anxious or vulnerable: You may be having a hard time staying secure with your relationships. While it's healthy to sleep close to your significant other, sleeping on your stomach could indicate some uncertainty of the future.

Sleeping on your stomach in the freefall position has a variety of meanings for your personality. Every person is different, but these are the most common ones that have been found.

Although you may be sleeping in a less common position than others, you actually have a good amount of favorable traits that make you great in social situations. Freefall stomach sleepers are cool, confident, and collected.

The "Starfish" Stomach Sleeper

If you're sprawling with your hands and legs spread out while sleeping on your stomach, you're likely someone that goes with the flow. Spreading out like a starfish looks airy and carefree, which represents your take on life to a tee.

Caring and thoughtful, starfish sleepers are eager to lend a helping hand whenever they can. People who sleep on their stomach in the starfish position also tend to have a more active social life, as their helpful spirit is often contagious.

One more note about "starfish" stomach sleepers: although they are often very friendly, they aren't showy or attention-seeking. They aren't looking to be the center attention, but they're very able to handle it if they are.

What Sleeping on Your Stomach Says About Your Health

In addition to indicating parts of your personality, sleeping on your stomach might have some health indicators as well.

One of the health benefits of being a stomach sleeper is that it can aid digestion. Sleeping on your stomach presses down on your digestive system, forcing gases out and keeping the process active.

However, there are a few common complaints from those that sleep in this position as well.

First off, you may be dealing with chronic pain. Although it seems counterintuitive, sleeping on your stomach may be leading to back strain. This is because your back isn't against the mattress and is actually receiving less support this way.

Of course, most of the issues with sleeping on your back come from the type of pillow you're using. If you are trying to sleep with a pillow that's meant for side or back sleepers, you could greatly benefit from more support during your night's sleep.

To get the most out of your rest, try a stomach sleeper pillow. They're specially designed to give you the support you need when sleeping on your stomach. If you are experiencing pain, you might be amazed by how much upgrading your pillow helps.

Final Thoughts

Although you may not have considered it before, sleeping on your stomach says a lot about your personality. Now that you've got a better idea, you should embrace it and stay comfortable while you're at it.

Check out our collection of stomach sleeper pillows today to help you get your best sleep yet.

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