The Problem with the Other Sleeping Positions

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Okay, so as stomach sleepers, we’ve all heard the negative health effects that could potentially damage our necks and spines by simply sleeping in our preferred position.

But did you that no sleeping position is perfect?

We’re here to shed a little light on the other sleeping positions and the potential problems they can cause. Just to even the score a little. . .




Whether you like to sleep on your left or your right, you’re in good company as a side sleeper. People who like to sleep on their side make up more than half the population!

Side sleepers are in a better position (pun intended!) to relieve certain spinal discomfort, and side sleeping is one of the best sleep positions to keep your head, neck, and back aligned in a neutral position with no straining.

Yet, this popular sleeping position comes with its cons too.

Side sleeping positions can put a weird strain on your internal organs (primarily your lungs, liver, and stomach) and it could also contribute to heartburn. And sleeping with your face against a pillow all night may cause unwanted skin wrinkling and bagging!




This sleeping position is often hailed as the best position for spinal alignment, facial wrinkle prevention, and a host of other benefits.

However, this sleeping position isn’t without its faults and failings either.

Sleeping on your back can actually sometimes lead to lower back pain, as well as to sleep apnea in some cases! In fact, sleeping on your back is so closely linked with increased snoring that many doctors recommend switching your sleeping position as a cure.




So, what are we to do when every sleeping position could potentially cause some sort of health problem?

One of the best solutions may be to try to incorporate a variety of different sleep positions into your nights, so you get the benefits of each and don’t get caught in any sleep position pattern which may lead to negative health effects.

But we know how difficult it is to change an old favorite sleeping position, so the next best thing is to compensate your favored position with the best mattresses, pillows, and other health habits so you can minimize any potential negative effects!

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