Better Sleep Habits for Stomach Sleepers

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If you sleep on your stomach, you might experience lower back pain, neck pain, or general achiness due to overstretching your spine, putting to much pressure on your hips and abdomen, or twisting your neck.

Many medical professionals recommend that you switch sleeping positions, but if you don’t want to stop sleeping on your stomach, there are many ways you can reduce the negative effects of your preferred sleeping postion.



  1. Minimize Lower Back Pain

Many doctors recommend using an additional, thin pillow under your pelvis if you’re a belly sleeper. This extra pillow helps eliminate that uncomfortable strain your back gets because its stuck in that stretched, curved position when you sleep on your stomach.



  1. Align Yourself Better

One option for belly sleepers to reduce spinal pain is to get a firmer mattress. Mattresses without sag or softness can offer more support to your midsection and spine and can help stomach sleepers more naturally align their bodies.



  1. Stop the Achiness

If, despite your best efforts with extra pillows and a better mattress, you still find yourself waking up with back, neck, or general achiness or numbness, try a few simple morning stretches when you wake up to reduce the tension and stress in your muscles and tendons. Remember not to overstretch though, as that can lead to more pain!

A great yoga stretch for belly sleepers is the child’s pose.



  1. Cut Down on Spine Stress

Another way you might decrease the stress on your spine that can cause your back and neck to ache is to try sleeping without a pillow. A high or too-firm pillow will increase the strain on your neck muscles and the twisting of your spine when you sleep, so no pillow is better than a firm or tall pillow.



  1. Reduce Neck Pain

Even better than no pillow is a great pillow made specially to reduce the negative effects of sleeping on your belly!

(Shameless promoting here! We believe in it and we think that, if you try it, you’ll be a believer too!)

Our amazing polyurethane memory foam pillow, infused with temperature-regulating cooling gel particles is probably the best pillow anywhere out there for belly sleepers!

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