Best Type of Pillow for You, Depending on Your Sleep Position

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No matter which sleeping position you prefer, side, back, or stomach, your pillow is a big, important part of getting a good night’s sleep.

So, before you shut off the lights and snuggle down, check out these pillow types and see which one is best for your preferred sleeping position!



Contoured pillow

Contoured pillows are known for their distinctive curve shape, which is built into the therapeutic pillows to provide extra neck support.

BEST FOR: back sleepers, side sleepers



Wedge pillows

Perfect for those with chronic back pain and those recovering from a back surgery, wedge pillows recreate the comfort of sitting in a recliner, but in a bed!

BEST FOR: back sleepers



Body pillows

These pillows are great for anyone who wants extra support while they sleep. Pregnant women often find the extra back support very helpful in maintain a good spine, neck, head alignment, but body pillows are favorites of many people because of the flexibility they offer in terms of support and extra comfort where you want it.

BEST FOR: side sleepers




According to science, the best height for a pillow is between 4 to 6 inches. Firmer pillows can maintain that height all night, providing the ultimate neck and spine alignment.

BEST FOR: side sleepers




Pillows that have a little give can reduce elevating your neck too height and can prevent muscle strain.

BEST FOR: back sleepers



Thin pillows tend to be more breathable and cooler than other pillows and are the ticket to less neck strain in certain sleeping positions and can prevent you from sleeping at strange angles that cause numbness, unwanted stress, or achiness.

BEST FOR: stomach sleepers, back sleepers


Choosing the right pillow for you is a very subjective process, but no matter how you sleep, these tips can help guide you to finding a better pillow for a better night’s sleep!

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