6 Bad Sleeping Habits You Should Break Tonight

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Have you been walking into work tired from a lack of sleep the night before? Do you continually plan to get at least eight hours of sleep and only find yourself getting five or six?

If so, then it is time to consider if you are taking part in any bad sleeping habits. These patterns and behaviors may not be a problem during the day, but doing them at night might be robbing you of the sleep you need.

With our knowledge of sleep, you will be able to leave these habits behind and enjoy waking up energized and ready for the day.

Here are six bad sleeping habits you should break tonight.

1. Poorly Planned Exercise

If you've ever asked yourself "Is it bad to sleep on your stomach?" the answer is "yes" if you want a good night's sleep. Stomach sleeping can keep you awake due to discomfort you feel in your back and neck.

Some of that discomfort may come from how you plan your exercise routines throughout the day. A lack of exercise can keep you from falling asleep faster because of the energy you release.

However, working out close to bedtime can keep you up because of the increased adrenaline and cortisol levels. These effects can last for hours, which can be a bigger problem if you have early work shifts.

Your best bet is to schedule your workouts at a time that is at least a few hours before you go to bed. Some of you may benefit from exercise when you get out of bed, while others are better off going to the gym right after work.

2. Late-Night Eating

Those of you with well-structured workout schedules that are still asking yourselves "Why do I sleep on my stomach?" should look at what you eat. The biggest factor you have to focus on is the time of day you have meals.

You should avoid eating dinner right before you go to bed because the digestion process can keep you up. Lying down immediately after eating can increase your chances of experience heartburn.

It's also best to avoid food that is high in salts and sugars that can keep you awake for hours after you planned on sleeping. Examples include going out to eat at fast-food restaurants and having cookies, ice cream, and other bedtime snacks.

With dinners scheduled several hours before bedtime, you can avoid going hungry and losing sleep. You can avoid heartburn and fall asleep quickly, especially if you already have a comfortable pillow.

3. Using Electronics in Your Bedroom

The items that may be turning you into a stomach sleeper might be the devices that you rely on throughout the day. Common examples include your smartphone and laptop, especially if you use them right before you go to sleep.

Checking social media or playing video games might sound like a fun way to end the day. However, these gadgets can make it harder for you to get through the next day.

The light from your computer or TV screen can keep you awake by blocking the production of melatonin. This chemical is designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

The buzzing noises from your devices can also keep you from sleeping by alerting your brain. We recommend avoiding your gadgets at least two hours before bedtime to keep your sleeping chemicals in shape and your brain rested.

4. Drinking Nightcaps

Stomach sleeping not only comes from the amount of sleep you get but also from the quality of sleep. One habit that can be getting in the way of achieving beneficial sleep is drinking nightcaps.

While alcohol can help you fall asleep quickly, there is no guarantee that you will stay asleep. Drinking alcohol before bed may make you feel drowsy and put you in a resting-state rather than deep sleep.

A glass of wine or cocktail before bed may actually cause you to fall asleep earlier than you planned. There's also the chance of waking up and not falling back asleep quickly once the effects wear off.

If you're going to drink alcohol later in the day, do it a few hours before going to sleep. This will give you the right amount of energy to fall asleep at the right time, which can work well if you already have the right bedding material.

5. Working Right Before Bedtime

Some bad sleeping habits are more common among people dealing with larger assignment loads. If you take some of your tasks from your job home to get ahead of them, this might be robbing you of sleep.

Going to bed right after working takes away the time that your brain needs to relax before sleeping. This is especially hard if you use electronics for your job.

Give yourself some downtime after your work to get into the state needed to achieve proper sleep. It might help to use some of that time for meditation and similar practices.

You could use some of your break time at work to get ahead on assignments. This will give you the time needed later in the day to get ready for bed.

6. Sleeping In

Have you thought about sleeping in on the weekend to make up for the sleep lost during the workweek? If so, then you may need a different method to start Monday on a good foot.

The lack of rest you get from sleeping in comes from the changes in your schedule. Your body will adjust to sleeping late on Friday and Saturday nights, which makes it hard to fall asleep earlier on Sunday.

The sleep deprivation you experience on Monday can last throughout the week as you try to sleep earlier. This can tempt you to try sleeping in on the weekends again to get the energy back.

We recommend keeping your sleep schedule constant throughout the week. No matter how late you want to stay out on Friday and Saturday, you will feel just as energized during the week as you would over the weekend.

Our Take on Bad Sleeping Habits

Bad sleeping habits can be managed with the right scheduling and use of your favorite items. You can plan your workouts and meals at the right times during the day to avoid feeling tired and hungry later on.

Avoid using your electronics later in the day to give your brain rest. You can also benefit from consistent sleeping schedules.

With these tips, you can wake up every day ready to accomplish your goals.

For more of our sleep expertise, check out our products today to find new ways to fall and stay asleep.

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