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Why stomach sleepers are flocking to a new pillow made just for them!

Your Nights Are About To Get Better

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Isn’t it amazing how science and technology seems to have improved just about every aspect of our lives - BUT WHAT ABOUT SLEEP?! We have limited options when it comes to really improving the quality of our sleep. And if you sleep on your stomach, it's even worse!


Have you been told that sleeping on your stomach is bad for you? Have you tried to change positions but kept going back to your preferred style? You're not alone.


I’ve been a belly sleeper all my life. I routinely had neck and back issues after a night’s sleep. I was getting so sore that my wife tried getting me to sleep on my side, but it was tough. Not only was it not as comfortable, but even if I started on my side, I typically woke up on my stomach. Anytime I would complain of having slight pain in my neck or lower back she'd say, “I told you so.” I have tried everything out there – pills, lotions, crazy contraptions… nothing worked for me!


Finally, my wife stumbled over something magical (yes, I am using the word “magical” because it transformed my life).


Let me introduce you to the Pillow that completely changes the game for all stomach sleepers. The mission of the company, Belly Sleep, is to make stomach sleeping as pain-free and as comfortable as possible, and trust me, it really works!



"The Belly Sleeper Pillow is hands down the best pillow I have ever owned. At the price they are selling them now, I bought a few and gave them as gifts…they were a big hit! :)"  




I had no idea that my pillow mattered so much. After using the Belly Sleeper for a month, I was entirely convinced this is what I needed all along. The best thing about it, in my opinion, is the thin profile and how the memory foam shape naturally adjusts and responds to the weight of my head. The foam sinks in just the perfect amount to make sure my neck isn't at some weird angle like it used to be.


At 37, I can say, I haven’t had any back or neck discomfort since using the pillow and even got one for my daughter who is 11. My wife says she doesn't want one, but she’s been known to “borrow” it on occasion, so I know she likes it.


Everything changed when I started using the Belly Sleep Pillow. For once I felt like instead of being told to change my method of sleeping, there was a company that catered to me. If you're a stomach sleeper and tired of the bad rap you're getting for doing what's most comfortable, read on. I want to explain what makes this pillow so incredible.

The Design
The pillow is designed to give proper support to the spine and neck with curved, ergonomic edges that limit head and neck rotation. Because of the slim height it does wonders to align your neck. And it actually works really well for on sleeping your back too. My wife sleeps on their side and and likes it as well, but if you have too broad of shoulders it MAY be a little too thin.


Often pillows tilt the head too high which disrupts the natural curve of the spine and has short and long-term disadvantages. Poor neck and spinal alignment create inflammation that can lead to severe issues. With Belly Sleep's slim design and supportive foam, throw your worries out of the door and leave them there for good, because this pillow will get you straightened out. Literally!


Bamboo Cover
The cover is amazingly smooth and soft too. Ahhhh! Belly Sleep uses a removable and washable cover that's made of bamboo and polyester. It is anti-allergen, odor resistant, and naturally helps keep away moisture from the skin. Did I mention how soft it is?!? It is magically comfortable.


Pillowcase Options
Oh yeah...they have silk and cotton pillowcases too. Both are awesome, but I love the Silk!


Pain-free, restful sleep is the greatest thing that has happened to me in a long time! Those reoccurring pains were too much to take, and only seemed to be getting worse over time. Every morning I stretched to help loosen up, but I still started the day miserable. With the Belly Sleep Pillow, the pain is practically non-existent and I'm waking up feeling like I'm 22 again!


My co-workers have been curious why I've been so chipper the last month, and my productivity is higher than ever. Ha! Most importantly, I JUST FEEL BETTER OVERALL. I noticed before I started using the pillow that little back and neck stiffness would lead to feeling stressed and even getting headaches because I wasn't getting proper rest. Actually getting deep sleep works wonders!


What Makes Belly Sleep’s Pillow So Effective?

- The slim profile was designed for stomach sleepers to align the neck and spine to help reduce tension

- The edges are curved so your head doesn't have to turn 90 degrees

- The supported foam contours to your unique shape

- The temperature regulating cooling gel helps keep the pillow from overheating

- Makes me look forward to feeling good in the mornings!



My Recommendation Try this one-of-a-kind pillow, you deserve it. With all the low quality pillows out there that put your body into a state of discomfort, enough is enough! After using this pillow, I finally had a reason to look forward to sleeping. I finally woke up ready to face the day and seize the moment. Give the pillow a try and be convinced, like me, that a restful pain-free sleep makes a world of difference.


Where can I buy one?


Get a Belly Sleeper Pillow for yourself at their official website here.


"It really is amazing how such a subtle change has given me back my sleep and can do the same for you."


LIMITED TIME OFFER: As a special thanks to our readers, Belly Sleep is now offering a 100-Day Money Back Guarantee! But after you try it yourself, you won't need it.

Happy Customers


"...Give this little wonder a chance! It took a couple of nights to get used to it, but now I can't sleep without it. It's the perfect solution for stomach sleepers. I've tried a lot of different pillows, but this one is by far the best."

- Jan


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More Happy Customers


"The belly sleeper pillow is amazing. I am a belly sleeper and I always woke up with back pain and a stiff neck. After receiving this pillow I have not woken up in any pain. I now wake up ready for the day and I feel more energized."

- Alycia



"Best pillow ever!! This is the first pillow that is thin enough so it does not hurt my neck when I sleep on it. It also comes with a free pillow cover to keep it clean. Great purchase. Love it.

- Maureen